Landscaping at the Winterfield Entrance

If you’ve used the Winterfield entrance lately, you have noticed the removal of overgrown and/or diseased bushes, plants, and trees.  During the winter, the board worked with quotes and designs from the Plant Center on U.S. 24.  As requested, they got an early start on the Winterfield project during SWAC’s spring break.  In the next week, they plan to install the new “uprights.”  Between now and the end of April, all the planting should be completed.  Of course, weather is a factor.

The board’s hope was to take advantage of early spring rains to help establish the new plantings.  The absence of a watering source on the areas behind the entrance signs is problematic and may require the board to contact residents near the newly landscaped areas to provide some assistance during hot spells.

There are also plans to landscape the entrance area at Turf Lane.  Depending on available money, that entrance may get attention as early as this fall.  However, Turf is definitely scheduled no later than next spring.  Hopefully, you will enjoy our updated look in this two-part project.