Covenants and Policies of Haverhill

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Protective Covenants are put in place for the benefit of all residents and property owners. These covenants protect property values, and ensure that residents can expect a well-maintained and secure environment when they purchase a property in our association. Please help guarantee that Haverhill remains a great place to live by knowing and abiding by our association covenants. As a resident, if you see covenant violations please report them to your area director or any board member for investigation and follow-up.

Since we are within Fort Wayne City Limits, we must also abide by Fort Wayne city codes, which are enforced by the Neighborhood Code Enforcement division of city government. Violations of city codes can be reported directly to this division or via the 311 call center for investigation.

Restrictive Covenants (aka – The Rules)

The full version of our restrictive covenants (i.e. “the rules”) is available for download here: Official Covenants

You also should receive a printed copy – either as part of your closing documents, or within a new resident welcome packet (delivered by your friendly area director). These covenants are a legal document in place to protect residents and their property values, and are enforced by the Haverhill Board. Copies may also be secured from the Allen County Recorders Office either online or in the Fort Wayne City-County Building.

If you are breaking one of these covenants, then the board normally will take this course of action (however, this is based on the severity of the situation):

1. First report of the violation: A visit or note from your friendly area director or another board member – informing you of the problem, and a reminder of the covenant.
2. If the violation continues: An “official” written letter from the board, informing you that the situation must be remedied within a certain time period.
3. If the violation still continues: You’ll probably be hearing from the attorney. Sorry, but we are required to do this in order to protect the other residents (and their property values!)

Again, please remember that this course of action is an example of what usually will happen in the event of a covenant violation. Board members can choose other routes, based on the severity of the situation. Also, as a board, we do not actively patrol the neighborhood looking for people breaking the rules. We hope that all residents take pride in our neighborhood, get along with their neighbors, and want to make sure it remains a great place to live. The covenants help us do this by making sure we’re all on the same page as to what is acceptable and unacceptable for a Haverhill property. It is a reality that sometimes violations take place. These can be reported to any board member for investigation of the situation.


Note: This list includes important reminders, as well as some summary items taken from our covenants and city ordinances.

NO ANNOYING ACTIVITY: Be careful of pools, noisy parties, etc.

* NO SHEDS or TRAILERS: Sheds, trailers (including boat trailers), and above-ground pools are specifically prohibited by Haverhill Covenants.

* ALL VEHICLES MUST BE LICENSED: Unlicensed/unmoving motor vehicles are not allowed to be visible on any Haverhill property. Also, no boats, RVs, campers or trailers may be parked on streets, or in driveways or yards. (Note: Fort Wayne City Code allows that cars & trucks parked on the street must be moved at least every three days or they can be ticketed and towed.)

ALL FENCES, DECKS, SUN ROOMS, PLAY STRUCTURES, AND ADDITIONS must be approved prior to construction by the Haverhill Architectural Committee. Please submit two (2) sets of plans at least 30 days prior to planned beginning of construction.

* NO SIGNS shall be displayed, other than one professional sign that advertises the property for sale. Construction company signs also may be used during the construction period. Per state law, political signs are allowed. These can be displayed up to 30 days prior to an election, and must be removed within 5 days after an election.

BOARD MEETINGS: Board meetings are the second Thursday of every month, normally held at the Aboite Public Library at 7:00 pm. Please visit our website or our Facebook page for up to date information.

* SNOW REMOVAL: Per city ordinance, snow removal on sidewalks in front of residents homes are the responsibility of the homeowner. Please remove snow for the safety our children/residents.

STREET LIGHTS: Report any street light that is not working to the city (311). They are numbered and you will need to provide this number when calling. Common are lights can be reported to a board member.

GARBAGE PICKUP: Garbage pickup is normally early Tuesday mornings. Recyclables are collected every other week. Per city ordinance, garbage bins cannot be stored in front of your home or garage. Bins must be brought back inside (or along the side of your home at least 10 feet back from front-facing side) by noon on the day following collection.

NO DUMPING: The woods are for all residents to enjoy, and are not a dumping ground for leaves, grass and yard waste. Please do now mow grass clippings into the streets – they are unsightly and can clog street drains!

BOO TO POO: Please be courteous and clean up after your pet in the common areas and while walking in the addition. Fort Wayne City Ordinances require residents to clean up after their pets. Plus, it’s just the neighborly thing to do!

HELP KEEP HAVERHILL SAFE: Keep lights on for security around the outside of your home. This helps with visibility during security patrols. Be sure to report any suspicious activity to the FWPD!