Haverhill Woods Policy

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Haverhill Woods Policy:

The Haverhill wooded area is one of the greatest assets to our community.  We are proud of the fact that this is a natural woods that gives residents, including our children, a chance to explore and interact with nature without leaving our neighborhood.   In order to protect and conserve this natural environment; activities regarding the management of this asset, such as cutting and removal of trees, shall only be done by those individuals authorized by the Haverhill Board.



Prohibited activities (without prior board authorization) include, but are not limited to:

  • Cutting or removal of trees (both live and dead)
  • Removal of natural ground debris
  • Dumping of yard waste or garbage
  • Spraying of weed killers or insecticides of any type
  • Trapping or killing wildlife
  • Bonfires or campfires

Please explore and enjoy this wooded area, and help us protect it for future generations!